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The race - Grand Prix d'Amerique 2013 - Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes

Publié le 17 Avril 2013 par 3D SPORT CENTER in be leader, new3s, hippodrome paris vincennes, grand prix amerique 2013, course hippique, course chevaux, jockey, hippodrome, galop


Founded in 1920 as a tribute to America's involvement in WW1, the Grand Prix d'Amérique is the biggest harness racing event in the world.

The pinnacle of the sport sees the top eighteen world cracks compete for the title over the classic distance of 2700 metres.

The Grand Prix d'Amérique is now a popular and prestigious international meeting. Enjoying media coverage on 3 continents and in 30 countries with millions of viewers : more than 20 cameras are arranged around the main racetrack in what is an extraordinary showcase for the sport.

This elite event has a purse of one million Euros. A race to get the crowds cheering, the adrenalin surging and generate record bets.

Fun and excitement guaranteed! Every year, the race is accompanied by a staggering show involving more than 150 artists, dancers and acrobats all bringing the public to fever pitch.

The big day ends with a splendid procession of all the competitors and the Carrousel des Lances of the Garde Républicaine.

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