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The E-board King of New York - ELECTRIC CITY - PEV Rider Profile 02

Publié le 14 Février 2020 par 3D SPORT CENTER dans E-board, NY, USA, electric unicycles, E-Bike, mini scooter électrique

The E-board King of New York - ELECTRIC CITY - PEV Rider Profile 02

I love all kinds of PEVS and in this episode we get to tool around on an electric bike as we go pick up the Champion Jacket for the EVWHERE EUC drag race! Let me know if you're liking this fun little e-bike as well. Also a little extra fun footage at the end. Enjoy!!

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My Name is Mickey and create video content around personal electric vehicles. As of the making of this page I plan on making weekly or bi-weekly vlogs that follow my adventures in and around personal electric vehicles.

Over the past 2 years I have been completely obsessed with electric unicycles & since I also run a post-production company in the film industry, I figured I could give back to the PEV community with my skills.

It is no secret that owning & creating content around these PEVs is expensive & dangerous. With your help we can continue to make the best content aorund so the entire community is better for it.
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