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Thunder Child XSV-17 : Barracuda family of boats, in any maritime application where speed is critical - a Safehaven Marine production

Publié le 10 Septembre 2018 par 3D SPORT CENTER dans marine, ship, Thunder Child XSV-17, Safehaven Marine, boat, hull, speed, safety, military, Barracuda, Caterpillar, capsize, naval architecture

The route involves a 1,000km open-ocean crossing into the North Atlantic, one of the roughest and most notorious seas on the planet. But for Thunder Child, I am confident that we will set a new record and have a safe, albeit nail biting, trip. The trip will involve several hours’ navigation in the dark and will inevitably encounter rough conditions which will put incredible stress on both vessel and crew

Frank Kowalski of Safehaven Marine

Thunder Child XSV-17 : Barracuda family of boats, in any maritime application where speed is critical - a Safehaven Marine production

Safehaven Marine is world-renowned for building hardy boats that can take on challenging missions in the harshest environments—and they look gorgeous while doing it. With a portfolio ranging from search and rescue vessels to pilot boats, and from wind farm tenders to scientific catamarans, diversity is sort of their thing. Last year they made a splash when they unveiled their stealthy high-speed patrol boat, the Barracuda. Now they've introduced its bigger and badder cousin to the world, the aptly named “Thunder Child.”

Let’s get this out of the way first—Thunder Child XSV-17 is one handsome piece of marine engineering—and seeing it in action only solidifies that fact. Watching the ship fly through the water you immediately hear the synth beat from the opening of Miami Vice or the theme from Thunder in Paradise in your head, depending on your generation. There is no doubt that this thing has a lot in common with the high-performance race boats featured in both those shows. But Thunder Child is the real deal, with real military and law enforcement applications. It can also take one hell of a beating.

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